Website design

We’re offering a WordPress site design through the three pricing packages, advanced SEO optimization, administration system customized by your needs, responsive design, WordPress updates and optimization.




More than 40 website elements

Modules for all your website needs

Whether you need a blog, slider, photo gallery, contact form, action conversion button or testimonials on your new website, all that and more can be implemented on your new website.

WordPress templates

More than 140 different WP themes

When you contact us, we will send you screenshots of more than 140 available themes for your new website.


The main features and extras you get with the new website


Data Privacy

Data privacy or information privacy is a branch of data security concerned with the proper handling of data – consent, notice, and regulatory obligations.


SSL certificate

Within all pricing packages you will get an SSL certificate on the server, which is required to keep your new web site’s web connection secure.

Meta SEO

Basic SEO optimization contains keywords and description entry while Advanced SEO contain also keywords and description entry for each page and website data analysis and analytics.

Web hosting

Free web hosting for a 1 year on a private server.